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Sarah Rolfe


Stevie Rolfe


Stephen Johnstone

Operating Technician

Scott Lindsay

Operating Technician


As Stevie wanted to provide a friendly, high quality, more personal service of Pregnancy Scanning, Freeze Branding and Synchronisation work, SR Cattle Services was founded in 2004. Stevie did the ‘on farm’ work, whilst his wife, Sarah, predominantly concentrated on the administrative side to the business.

In 2015, Scott joined the team helping mainly with Freeze Branding, though may be seen on occasions helping Stephen with the Concrete Grooving or Stevie at the Synchros.

Stephen joined the family team in 2018, helping Stevie with the Freeze Branding, Nitrogen Deliveries and on occasions helping at Synchros. Concrete Grooving has been a service provided by SR Cattle Services since 2011. Stephen has been trained up to concrete groove and is doing a marvellous job of it.

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