Freeze Branding

This is a relatively painless and very effective form or permanent identification. Freeze Branding helps with identifying animals for management purposes, helps identify animals with missing tags and is visible from a distance so no need to restrain the animal to read ear tags.


Synchronised A.I.

There are many advantages to using synchronised A.I. such having access to top quality bulls, being able to easily swap both type and breed of bulls used, using semen with proven fertility, no disease risk, predicted calving dates and breed more maternal homebred heifers by selective breeding.

Whether you are a large scale farmer, a small breeder or an owner with just one cow, we can assist you with Pregnancy Scanning (DEFRA licensed), Freeze Branding, Synchronised A.I., Concrete Grooving, Semen and Product Sales and Liquid Nitrogen DIY A.I. Flask top up service. No job is too big or small.

This procedure is quick, safe and very accurate. The accurate and early diagnosis of pregnancy in both dairy and beef herds is essential for the maintenance of high levels of reproductive efficiency. It not only identifies a pregnancy but also estimates the calving date and identifies barren cows.

Concrete Grooving


The constant passage of animals and machinery on concrete over time produces very slippery, dangerous surfaces. Valuable animals may slip, fall and injure themselves. This can be very costly. Concrete Grooving can transform your slippery concrete and reduce the risk of falling. 

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Moocall supplier

Attach Moocall to a cows tail, and receive a text alert approximately 1 hour before she calves.


Products for Sale

Whether you are looking for semen, semen storage, monitoring devices, tail paint to calving jacks, why not browse through the items that we most commonly sell using the links on the left hand side of the screen. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Stevie and ask, as most items are obtainable.

Liquid Nitrogen DIY A.I. Flask Top Up Service

We can provide a regular flask top up service geared to the requirements of an individual customer. Call for further information.